Gazehound Games

Humbug Tales: Keeper of the Swarm

Experience the fantastical world of bugs through the eyes of the ant herder Eacus and his peculiar flock.

What is a Humbug?

Illustrated Tale: In the Glowworm’s Shadow


Incorporated in 2022 with contributors throughout the United States and Europe, our team boasts collective decades of experience in software and media development, including:

  • Development capabilities in both Unity and Full-Stack Web.
  • A full art pipeline: Concepts, Modeling, Rigging, and Animation.

Inspired by majestic dogs who hunt by sight instead of smell, Gazehound Games pursues challenging targets with a bold purpose in mind:

Inspiring new perspectives through the power of play.

We aim to evoke a sense of wonder with each experience we create. If you have a project that’s unique, impactful, and fun, let us know how we can help!

James Lonnie Bowler
Creative Director

Lydia Bragg
Concept Artist

Florian Wespenwald
3D Artist

Milan Brindic
Unity3D Developer

Johann Steinegger
3D Animator

Carrie Easter
Level Designer

Cartoon Mascot